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Capital Grooming
Mobile Pet Spa


A stress free, luxury pet spa at the convenience of your front doorstep.

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Capital Grooming Mobile Pet Spa Services

What I Offer

(All pictures on this website are courtesy of Capital Grooming featuring current clients.)

Mini Spa Bath Package

For your short haired breeds. (Pugs, Boston Terriers, Boxers, etc)  NO HAIRCUT with this package.

What's included:

  • Spa Bath with specialty All Natural Shampoos & Conditioners

  • Hydra Conditioning Sprays

  • Blueberry & Plum Facials

  • Nail Trim

  • **Ear cleaning (surface cleaning only)

  • Spritz Cologne flavor of the season

  • Seasonal Bandana &/or bows (depending on supplies available)

Starting at $70

Pets 90+ pounds: $1.50 per pound

**Due to a liability from potential irritation & pain to the pet, we will not pull any ear hair. If it is medically necessary, please seek appropriate care from your veterinarian.

Picture to the right features Chanel Bax, a 69 lb Lab.


Ultimate Spa Bath Package

**For long coated breeds. (Shih-Tzu, Yorkies, Cockers, Lhasa Apso, Collies, Setters, Retrievers, Pekingese, etc)

Includes everything from the Mini Package plus the following:

  • Trimming between eyes if necessary

  • Foot Pad trim

  • Slight sanitary path

If your pet's coat is longer than 1", this will place your pet in the Ultimate package. Longer coats require more product & extend bathing & drying time.

**Starting at $80

**Pets 90+ pounds: $1.75 per pound.

**This cost excludes ALL Double Coated Breeds (See Desheds Section).

Picture to left features Emmy Dubois, a 7 lb Morkie.

Premium Spa Styling Package

Includes everything from the Ultimate Spa Bath Package plus the following:

**Full Pet Styled Haircut or Standard Breed Trim

**Starting at $90

**Pets 90+ pounds: $2.00 per pound.

**This cost excludes ALL Double Coated Breeds (See Desheds Section) and Doodles (See Specialty Breeds and Cuts Section).

Specialty Breed Pricing

Standard Poodles start at $185-$200

This price reflects the cost for a basic puppy cut (same length all over), or lamb cut (legs left slightly longer & fuller than body) both with clean face and feet.

Price will fluctuate based on time, coat condition, length of coat, temperament/behavior of pet, amount of hand scissoring per style.

The more intensive styles, such as the Continental Cut, are better serviced in a shop setting to allow pet time to rest. 

Picture to the right features Gus Gillespie, a 9 lb Havapoo.


Specialty Breeds & Cuts

Oodles of Doodles!

Doodles come in all shapes, sizes, weights, coat thicknesses and coat textures.

Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, Sheepadoodles, Mastifdoodles, Cockadoodles, Bernadoodles, Aussidoodles....

Mix it with a Poodle and you've got a Doodle!

They can have coats that are wiry, curly, double coated or some variation of all three.

Our costs for these mixed breeds will be priced on a case by case basis as no two Doodles are exactly alike! These fees are based on time dedicated to the service.

They require more product, brushing, hand scissoring and a much longer dry time which is why they get their own category of pricing.

Small Doodles: 10-15"/1-20lbs

Mini Doodles: 13-17"/20-35lbs

Standard Doodles: 17-22"+/35-50lbs

Large Doodles: 50-75lbs

XL Doodles: 75-90lbs+

XXL Doodles: 90+ lbs

Small Doodle Grooms will start at $98

Mini Doodle Grooms will start at $130

Standard Doodle Grooms will start at $156

Large Doodle Grooms will start at $182

XL Doodle Grooms will start at $208

XXL Doodles will start at $235

Picture to the left features Charlie Claypool, a 71 lb Aussiedoodle.


The Best for Your Pet

**Double Coated breeds will add to the time & cost to the service. We can give the best quote possible but are unable to determine final cost until end of service depending on Condition of coat, Thickness & how much the pet is shedding.

Desheds will add an additional $15-200 (The higher deshed price applies to heavily double coated breeds. Ex: German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Australian Shepherds, etc. on top of the Ultimate Spa Bath Price.


Sadly, the grooming van will not be able to safely accommodate giant breeds such as Great Pyrenees, Malamutes, Bernese Mountain Dogs.

Picture to the right features Duck Caywood, a 91 lb German Shephard.


Grooming for Cats

Jen has been certified in Feline Safety in Grooming.

Mini Spa Cat Baths include the bath/brush out, nail trim and blow out.

Starts at $90

If your cat is shedding a great deal, please also ask for our Deshed Add-On Package. This typically will run $10-20 on top of the Bath Package price.

Also offering simple nail trimming and spot shaving visits that do not include the bath. Starts at $38

Premium Cat Package includes nail trim and a full haircut. Should the cat handle the grooming process well, the bath is a bonus and, unlike dogs, is done after completion of haircut.

Starts at $110

Will only work on kitties with a good temperament. If unable to complete the service, client will still be responsible for payment due to skill, time & trip fees invested by stylist.

Kitty featured to the left is Meow Meow Coleman, a 12 lb short-haired domestic.

Add On Services with a Spa Package

Ala Carte Options

For that extra ounce of Luxury....

  • Full Face Trim: $10-30

  • Deshed:  $15+ (time based)

  • Anal Gland Expression: $17

  • Teeth Brushing: $13

  • Nail Filing: $10

  • Medicated Shampoo Treatment: $10-25

  • Warm-Deep Conditioning Treatment Package: $30 small/Med; $50 Large

  • Special Handling Care: $15-30+

  • Extra Coat Care (mats): $5-30+

  • Specialty Fluff Outs (Bichons/Poodles): $10-30

  • Partial to Full Body Outline: $15-40

Pet featured to the right is Tyson Glassner, a beautiful Standard Poodle.


The Best for Your Pet

If we are in the same neighborhood, we can also do Nail Trims only providing we have enough time. Please call in advance so we can possibly work your pets into our schedule.

Dog Nail Trims Start at $30

Cat Nail Trims Start at $35

For Nail trim services only. These stops will be planned if on route to another service. If off route service is requested, then the price will be $40 for dogs

and $40 for cats. Additional pets are $10 off for nail trims.

Pet featured to the left is Reece Kneeskern, a 25 lb American Cocker Spaniel.

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Our Story

Paws for Thought


Jen is an avid pet lover! She has a BA in Music Performance but was drawn to become a Pet Stylist shortly after her college years. Dedicated to her passion and adoration for animal care, she has now been in this profession for over twenty years. Jen, her husband, Casey, & their three daughters, Paige, Lyssa & Olivia, live with their dog, Pumpkin, & three crazy cats, Pickles, Oliver & Zara. Outside of the shop, Jen loves to be working outdoors in her garden, cooking, reading, making music, playing board games & video games, watching Chiefs, Sporting KC & St. Louis City Soccer, but most of all, spending time with her family.

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